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Additives and agents are used in many areas of daily life. We specialise in additives and services for fuels, combustibles and lubricants. There is a surprising variety of additives with properties that are quantifiably proven to improve the efficiency, performance and service life of your machines, engines and burners, or simply to achieve a product's DIN requirements. This is why, for example, there are no European petrol stations which sell fuel that does not contain additives. We are happy to offer you our experience and technical facilities for packaging your hazardous materials.

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ERC Throttle/Butterfly Valve Cleaning Spray breaks down stubborn impurities in the carburettor system and prevents major repairs. THE EFFECT Deposits and impurities in the intake and throttle valve area impair the function of the carburettor system and increase the risk of corrosion and expensive repairs. THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE - Removes soiling in the intake and throttle valve area - Cleans grease, dirt, and oil residue, as well as rubber abrasion off of metal surfaces - Can be used on (carburettor) linkages, cable wire passages and metal bearings


ERC Trak with BL-U 100 was specially developed for use in diesel generators with extended downtimes. THE EFFECT Many diesel engines are only operated sporadically or at certain times of year, such as in harvesting machinery, diesel generators, snowploughs, or sport boats. Their downtimes often exceed the storage life of the diesel fuel. Deposits and filter blockages may occur by aging products. Furthermore, increased corrosion may occur. THE RESULT With the newly developed additive ERC Trak with BL-U 100, the storage life and thermal stability of diesel fuel are doubled. Detergents clean and protect injection nozzles and injectors, the fuel system, and the engine interior. Engine efficiency and performance reliability are improved. ERC Trak with BL-U 100 sustainably prevents carbonisation on the injection nozzles and offers an additional extensive performance package for more power, a longer engine service life, and smoother running.


- Reduced friction - Reduced fuel consumption - Reduced wear on parts THE EFFECT Friction leads to wear and increases fuel consumption. ERC Gear Oil Power Additive is highly effective at reducing friction and wear by laying flake-like MoS2 particles on the metal surface; the particles then smoothly slide over each other on their parallel surfaces, reducing wear on the metal parts. Additional polymers add to the low-friction dynamics. THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE: - Special product with MoS2 low friction formula - Highly effective at reducing friction and wear - Decreases fuel consumption - Decreases frequency of repairs - Ensures easy gear change and noise reduction - Increases endurance of the gearbox oil base and enhances dry-running properties


- for older generations of gasoline engines - protects against corrosion and deposits - enhances lubrication THE EFFECT Older-generation vehicles are often laid up for long periods after the summer season has finished. Moisture from the air and water precipitated out of the fuel then actively promote corrosion in the fuel tank, fuel lines and the interior of the engine. Old fuels can cause deposits, impairing fuel flow and injection performance. Fouled nozzles, inlet ports and valves thus impair engine performance, raise pollutant emissions and increase consumption. The introduction of low-Sulphur fuels also lessens the lubricant action on the injection and fuel system. The consequence: Increased wear. ERC Oldtimer Performance Additive protects against corrosion, increases the fuels lubricant action and prevents the formation of new deposits. It thus ensures engine reliability, combined with optimized consumption, particularly in older vehicles.


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