ERMO 482 50/80/120/200 - Outdoor microwave barriers  - ATLINE SP.J.


The ERMO482 microwave barrier consist of a transmitter and a receiver that, when installed one facing the other, create a protection zone the dimensions of which change dependent on the type of antenna, the distance between the heads and the sensitivity setting. It is available with ranges of 50, 80, 120 and 200 m. The ERMO482/50 model has a 100mm diameter parabolic antenna, which is able to create very wide detection fields over short range. the Ermo 482/80, 120, 200 use a 200mm parabolic antenna which creates narrower fields, more useful where the available space is restricted but the distances are longer. The ERMO482 is a detector specifically designed for external protection and is therefore able to adjust for all types of weather conditions. It has sensitivity and integration controls for target discrimination. It has a system of 4 pre-settable modulation codes (channels) that prevents interference at crossover points. ERMO482 uses new generation microwave components of very high stability thanks to technologies such as strip line , gas fet , dro together with parabolic antennas and a backfire illuminator. Everything is designed and produced in cias own laboratories. Frequency = x-band certified in many countries and conforms to CE, USA and Canadian standards Range = 50, 80,120, 200 m Power supply = 19Vac, 13.8Vdc, 24Vdc Consumption = TX 100 ma RX 100 ma (a 13,8 vdc) Temperature = -35 c/+65 c Channels = 4 Dimensions/weight = max 310 mm, depht 260 mm Alignment = Electronic using STC95 Outputs Relays = alarm, tamper, fault Special applications = Explosion proof available STC 95 Instrument for correct alignment and set up of all CIAS analogue barriers. During maintenance it can be used to monitor the most important values and to check the correct operation of each device. It has an integral buzzer which has a special function for determining the dimensions and shape of the detection field and for setting the correct sensitivity and ...

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