Ermusa is a microwave intrusion detection systems for volumetric external protection, particularly useful for residential and industrial applications. It is ideal for the protection of long corridors, balconies, gates, scaffolding and medium length perimeters. Ermusa is available with model to protect different ranges: 30, 60 and 80m. Ermusa consists of two parts, one transmitter and one receiver which, when mounted facing each other at different distances, up to the maximum range create a volumetric protection field able to detect intrusion attempts. Frequency = From 9,2 to 10,6 GHz conform to CE, USA e Canadian standards. Range = 30, 60, 80m Power supply = 13,8 Vdc Consumption = 70 mA (Tx + Rx) Temperature = -35 C/+65 C Channels = 4 Dimensions/Weight = 125 x 125 x 50 mm / 840g (TX+RX) Outputs = 3 relays Alarm, Tamper (Fault only ES vers.) STC 95 Indispensable for correct alignment and set up of all CIAS barriers. Instrument for correct alignment and set up of all cias analogue barriers. During maintenance it can be used to monitor the most important values and to check the correct operation of each device. It has an integral buzzer which has a special function for determining the dimensions and shape of the detection field and for setting the correct sensitivity and integration for each installation. BRACKETS Three different brackets are available to fix the detector in different situations:

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