Eureco™ LX17 is a white milky aqueous suspension of PAP crystals, suitable for delivering high PAP level in total safety. Eureco™ LX17 contains 17% of active PAP. The crystals of PAP are micronized through a proprietary technology patented by Solvay, thus allowing quick dispersion and dissolution. Performance: High bleach efficiency Wide disinfection Processing: Bleach at mild p Low dosage of alkalis Savings: Low wearing out of textiles Low energy consumption Low rinsing water Low waste water treatment Safety: Ease of use fo non professional workers Low risk for the company The moderate viscosity is designed to comply with the technical requirement of the automated dosage system installed on the tunnel industrial laundries as well as an OPL (On Premises Laundries). Eureco™ LX17 is able to maintain the original soft touch of textiles for longer time Textiles washed with Eureco™ LX17 have no bad smell.


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