EURECO™ RP103 is a dry granular mixture based on PAP crystals (ε-phthalimido-peroxihexanoic acid). EURECO™ RP103 delivers outstanding bleaching, desinfecting and deodorizing effect in low temperature washing. It is suitable for formulating powdered detergents for household and professional use in laundry and dish washing applications. The compactness of EURECO™ RP103 makes it suitable for manufacturing small unit doses. Formulated with high technical standards, EURECO™ RP103 has an optional dissolution rate with a long lasting shelf life. Features Wide bleaching performance on all bleachable stains Active @ 20°C Extended disinfecting activity on bacteria, germs, mould Strong deodorizing effect Very low dosage requirements Non allergenic Ready to use Safe on humans Safe on fibres and colours VOC free Chlorine free Notan oxidizier


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