Gebuwin has two ranges of electrical winches. The EW range is constructed with a worm gear box as centre point between the electro- motor and the cable drum, whereas the EP range is always equipped with a planetary gear box as transmission. The winches are compact and have a robust construction. The EW range is available as 230V and 400V. The EP range is available only as 400V. All of the winches are equipped with maintenance free bearings. The winches are normally delivered as pulling winches but upon request, they can be delivered as hoisting winches. Most parts are made from steel and have been either painted or zinc plated. The coding is as follows: The first two letters refer to the type and the subsequent numbers refer to the hoisting capacity in kg’s. A few letters then follow; these refer to the surface treatment and the type of winch. The explanation for the coding is as follows: Type coding: EW = electrical winches with worm gear box EP = electrical winches with...

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