EWS Proline The best of both worlds! Insufficient stability was a fact increasingly associated with the VDI system in recent years. As a result, block tools were preferred more often, although the VDI tools still offer greater diversity and flexibility. So the next step appeared obvious: combining the best of both systems. In cooperation with DMG, we developed the EWS ProLine system in order to fully utilize the potential of new lathes. While EWS ProLine features a conventional VDI shank, it can be optionally mounted to the turret using four screws. For instance, the flexibility of the VDI system can be utilised for lighter machining, and the stability properties of block tools can be utilised for heavy cutting. The angular position of the radial tools is ensured through the Trifix®, the alignment system. Cutting data similar to HSK63 machining centres? The professional audience at the EMO 2011 watched an impressive live demonstration: on a Gildemeister CTX Beta 1250 4A, two surf

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