EWS swivel head


EWS swivel head Swivel head Compact and stable – this is EWS' new swivel head. The swivelling module, which is equipped with a Cylkro drive system, is 17 mm smaller than standard heads which, above all, offers greater flexibility in swivel ranges between 0° and 45° in the field of cutting tools. The swivel unit covers an angle of +/- 92°. During the swivelling process, the supply of coolant is directly carried along. A distance of at least 48 mm from the contact surface to the swivel axis can be proposed. Even a high-pressure interior cooling system of up to 70 bar can be built into the module without the exterior dimensions having to be modified. Rotational speed limit is 6,000 1/min, maximum transmittable torque is 16 Nm, and max. cutting tool diameter is restricted to 10 mm. The swivel head is mainly suitable for drilling or for simple machining tasks. EWS' TWK range is available. for greater demands with regard to torque and performance. These are fixed angle tools which are

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