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EWS-Rigid -


EWS-Rigid EWS takes measures against vibrations in deep drilling procedures Deep drilling procedures with drilling rods with a long overhang are one of the most demanding tasks in cutting technologies. What influences vibration, what amplitudes does it create, what is the effect of superimposed vibration and when are uncontrollable resonances encountered? All these are questions that are difficult to answer using theory alone. These findings formed the basis for the new development of EWS Rigid. The objective was to create a drilling holder with a passive damping system to counteract the vibrations that are created. This involves using variable vibration dampers with linear degrees of freedom in a floating mounting inside the cutter carrier. The damper position is set using a radially mounted setscrew, which allows optimum vibration conditions to be created. The improvement in surface qualities of bores is significant, as is the increase in the service life of cutter tools. EWS