This equipment was developed some years ago in food processing industry. Its qualities in thickening as well as in clarifying involved the present use of this equipment in a lot of industries. It replaces now the decanters with numerous advantages : Reduced space on the floor Much better turbidity of filtered liquids Very efficient thickening Specificity of the EXOFALC filter The filter cloth is perfectly adapted to the candle size ; the low amplitude with respect to its support avoids its deformation. 

The filtered juices are not in opposition when they are removed what conferes to the candle a specific large flowrate and a juice turbidity which becomes rapidly better than with a frame filter with outlets in opposition. EXOFALC filter performances Specific flowrate (depending on the slurry) from 1 to 2.5 m³/m²/hr Slurry concentration : from 160 gr/l to 540 gr/l depending on application


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