EXZELLENT cutlery inserts The EXZELLENT cutlery insert is one of our company's most traditional items that in terms of both quality and aesthetics meets the very highest of standards. On production machines employing the very latest technology we are able to achieve an optimum distribution of the material, making for a high degree of stability even in the corners. The longitudinal compartments feature indentations and slightly lower-set ribs, making the cutlery easier to remove yet still preventing smaller items from spilling over into the adjacent compartments. The multi-purpose inserts from the EXZELLENT series distinguish themselves from the cutlery inserts on account of their larger compartments. They are designed to accommodate a variety of kitchen utensils, such as salad servers, ladles, rolling pins etc. EXZELLENT is supplied as a precisely fitting insert for the full range of drawer systems including all the radii and recesses necessary to accommodate the fittings.

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