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Ear Without Fur



The Argos rabbit snacks are natural and digestible treats for your dog. They are high in protein and low in fat. They are suitable for every dog, even the most sensitive among them, who suffer from allergies. An Argos snack that provides the ideal balance between your dog’s primal instincts and the diet it needs, balanced in fat. Completely natural sources and textures, no artificial additives or cereals, recommended for all dogs, even those with food intolerance. They cover dogs’ needs for fibre, which is required to improve their digestion and as a natural source of nutrients. They offer the pleasure of chewing on a snack that comes from tasty prey, the kind a dog would catch on a hunt in the wild, while supporting your dog’s sound digestion, through the consumption of fur and bones.

  • Argos Rabbit
  • Dogs Ear
  • Ear Rabbit

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