The EasyPalletizer from EasyRobotics is a stationary palletizing robot for loading pallets with cardboard boxes or workpieces. The system is positioned on a conveyor belt. Then the robot picks up the cardboard box or the workpiece with a gripper. Depending on the proramization, it then sets it down on the pallet according to the customer’s requirements. The integrated ER+ software facilitates the programming of the sequence. Structure In combination with the Universal Robots robot UR10e the palletizer is available in different versions: On the one hand, the EasyPalettizer can be equipped with a base with lift. This makes it possible to move a stroke of 265 mm with the robot. Crates and workpieces can be stacked even higher on the pallet. Furthermore, it is possible to install a fixed base. This limits the standard height of the robot to 855 mm. In addition, the base can also be completely dismantled. This is useful if the palletisation will not reach great heights.

  • automation and robotics
  • palletising machines
  • industrial automation robotics

Product features

EasyPalettizer dimensions (without base) 1350 x 866 x 655 mm
EasyPalettizer dimensions (with base) 1350 x 866 x 855 mm
Weight 300 kg (without robot)
max. payload robot UR10e 10 kg (minus gripper weight)
max. reach robot UR10e approx. 1300 mm

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