Easysign Bender E



EasySign Bender e automatically creates the edges and listels of your letters from aluminum and stainless steel coils. His system, fully automated , bend and cut the following profiles: Letter Box Profile Alu Letter Form Profile Profile Bar Aluminum and stainless steel flat belts, 25 to 120 mm high. Letter Box Profile Alu is a process combining productivity and aesthetic finish. It allows you to make box letters with illuminated plexiglass faces without having to use the listel for the faces, or the fixing screws for the backs, thanks to the stainless steel EasyClip clips. Profile Bar is an innovative process for easily making box letters with illuminated plexiglass faces. Indeed, this letter is assembled without welding. EasySign Bender e comes with SDSBenderCAD software, allowing you to process and optimize your DXF files on your workstations.

Bending machine tools
  • Easysign Bender
  • Bender Edges
  • Steel Coils

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