Eccentric screw pump B70V SanitaryPlus, Ex (with...

3A-Sanitary Standard


Flow rate: 12 l/min. (explosion-proof) The B70V SanitaryPlus is a powerful eccentric screw pump for very sensitive, viscous and slow-moving liquids up to the limits of flowability. Driven by direct-coupled three-phase motors with and without frequency converter. Features: For liquid foodstuffs and luxury foodstuffs, pharmaceutical substances and cosmetic products Certified and approved according to the latest 3-A Directives (“3-A Sanitary Standards for Centrifugal and Positive Rotary Pumps Number 02-10" Selected materials according to FDA and 3-A standard Welded connections according to EHEDG hygiene requirements Tri-clamp connection according to DIN 32676 With three-phase drive Quick-action coupling between motor and pump tube Benefits: Gentle, low-pulsation product pumping Thread-free, manually detachable quick connections in the area of the pump that comes into contact with the liquid Quick and easy to dismantle Easily accessible and visitable components Simple cleaning Drive...

Product features

Housing Stainless Steel (1.4404)
Seals FPM or EPDM
Mechanical seal SiC/carbon/EPDM (FPM), optional SiC/SiC/EPDM (FPM)
Rotor/Drive shaft Stainless Steel (1.4571, 1.4462)
Stator PTFE
Nominal diameter 54 mm
Temperature of the medium max. 100 °C
Discharge Tri-Clamp DN 50
Length 1100 mm
Delivery rate up to 12 l/min
Delivery head up to 6 bar
Viscosity 1 - 100.000 mPas

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