Eco Inverter Air source heat pumps - the ideal option for maximum efficiency



Typical air source heat pumps produce a greater output than a small flat or passive home requires. Our Eco Inverter units are the ideal option for maximum efficiency at smaller outputs. The Eco Inverter system can produce heating, cooling and optionally domestic hot water and was designed specifically for small flats or passive homes that have lower output heating demands. With a scalable heating range between 1kW (min) and 5kW (max) the solution is ideal for flats up to 100m² or passive homes up to 250m². Installing an air source heat pump is one of the best routes to savings with amazing returns for home and building owners. For every 1kWh of energy consumed the heat pump can produce up to 5kWh of thermal energy. Our heat pumps typically pay for themselves within 3.5 years or even less if you receive government subsidies or a grant for the system. Our air source Eco Inverter range is strictly limited to indoor units compatible with Mitsubishi Power Inverter outdoor units.