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EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper

Powered by Nano-VpCI® | Custom Sizes Available


EcoSonic® ESD anti static paper powered by Nano-VpCI®. This ESD paper combines the world renowned Cortec VPCI corrosion inhibitors with static dissipation/anti static properties to deliver a complete paper packaging product for your valuable products. For those looking to prevent static build up on their products EcoSonic ESD Paper performs exceptionally when compared to legacy ESD packaging materials. The coating on the paper is derived from a Soybean oil that consistently performs well when conducting the static half life test against traditional ESD Paper products that often use Alkyl Ammonium Chlorides, Ethoxylated Amines, Phosphated esters & non ionic based anti static coatings. The anti static coating used is also thermally stable up to temperatures of 200ºC, (392ºF) as well as being pH stable between 2 & 11 at temperatures in excess of 38ºC (100ºF) for days at a time.

Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Anti Static Paper
  • volatile corrosion inhibitor
  • vci paper

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