The EcoCycle combination unit offers youbetter efficiency and less downtime Our EcoCycle is the new standard when medium to large sized drainage cleaning work is involved. This multi-purpose vehicle is equipped with the EcoCycle water recycling system. It is suitable for cleaning sewers with a diameter of up to 1500 mm and many other applications where large quantities of water are needed. The main feature is the EcoCycle water recycling system which eliminates water from the sludge tank, filters it and pumps it back into the jetting water tank, ready to be re-used by the jetting pump. This continuous operation allows hours of operation without the need for refilling the water tank. Very cost-efficient : less usage of clean water from the urban water system no need to provide extra water supply in remote areas no downtime for refilling the jetting water tank less transport between the operation sites and the remediation stations because the water is drained from the sludge Positive ef

Product features

Waste suitable for non-hazardous waste products
Type 3 axle / 4 axle rigid
Power take-off transfer case with 4 PTO's + PTO on the gearbox with single outlet
Shape cylindrical tank - stainless steel 304L (1.4301)
Capacity 9.000 L / 10.000 L
Tipping tank yes
Manhole 1 off
Walkway full length on both sides
Rear door full hydraulic opening upwards
Rear door clamps hydraulically operated
Inlet valve ND100
Vacuum pump liquid ring vacuum pump
Flow ±2.400 m³/h
Drive mechanical
Ductwork mild steel
Outlet at ground level
Compressor rotary vane type
Max pressure 0,5 bar
Jetting pump triple piston jetting pump
Pressure ±200 bar
Pressure reg. valve pneumatically operated
Water tank in SS – 6.000 L
Hose reel swivels horizontal - manual
Sec. hose reel fixed mounted
System EcoCycle system - max. 450L/min @ 100µm
Further equipment suction cassette on top - 15m suction hose 5"
Outside acrylic paint


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