Wind formers convey especially ne particles to the top faces, thus creating ne board surfaces. This is because ner particles are conveyed much farther in an air ow than coarser ones. The forming system of a particleboard line usually comprises two wind formers located at its front and rear ends, as they form the top and the rear board surfaces. The ecoFormer SL by CMC Texpan has been developed from the traditional wind former technology. This was because we wanted to improve the separation of coarse and nes particles to create the optimal board surface. The air ow was simulated using the CFD method (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and optimised with respect to its aerodynamic behaviour thus improving its energy eciency. The ecoFormer SL can also be easily retrotted into existing mat formers, since its outer dimensions are compatible with the conventional wind formers oered by CMC. Features, function

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Ecoformer
  • Siempelkamp
  • Surface-Layer Ecoformer
  • Fluid Dynamics Siempelkamp
  • easy cleaning
  • energy saving
  • speed control


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