The EcoResinator is particularly suited to full the specic demands that are made on the technology employed for the glue-blending system used to manufacture MDF. Siempelkamp has equipped the EcoResinator with Schlick two-component nozzles. The second component that is used with the glue is steam. The size of the glue droplets is set with the help of the steam pressure and quantity. The corresponding parameters required for achieving the best possible application of glue based on the breboard's density are stored in the program. The optimised gluing methods may either be used to improve strength with the same amounts of wood and glue o and bres while preserving the same strength. The EcoResinator can potentially save up to 15% of glue over classic b recommended for all MDF plants. The EcoResinator also oers benets when existing plants are modied at a later point in time. The glue-blending sy within 24 hours.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Ecoresinator
  • Blowline Mdf
  • Sienpelkamp
  • glue-blending systems


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