Fibre sifters are used for processing softwood and rubberwood bres. They serve to remove tramp material, glue clots or latex particles from the resinated and pre-dried bre ow. Only a meticulous preparation like that can ensure a homogeneous board surface without any stains. In addition, sifting is an eective protective measure for the steel belt in the subsequent pressing process. The sifter is fed from the top. Disintegrating rollers mounted in the feed chute loosen up and homogenise the bre ow. Air is introduced from the bottom. The calculated volume ensures that the acceptables, which are lighter, are conveyed upwards, while the heavier rejects drop downwards to be discharged via rotary air lock. The entire sifter and all its ducts and piping are calculated and optimised precisely to the bre ow. This enables the pressure losses to be minimised and the energy eciency of the sifter to be improved signicantly compared to other systems..

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Ventilatoren Apparatebau
  • Sienpelkamp Ecosifter
  • Ventapp
  • rubberwood fibres
  • Disintegrating rollers


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