Eddy current machine for auto and white goods separation

Eddy current for auto and white goods separation to pull out the non-ferrous met


Product Description An Eddy current magnetic actually repel the non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium caps and rings from PET bottles, Auto and white goods separation, fluff from metal fragmentation processing can be run over an eddy current, which will pull out non-ferrous material. Shredded computer items can be run over for aluminium, gold, and silver (if the precious metal isn’t held down in other components). Wood waste can contain stainless steel and aluminium conduits and medical waste and other electrical components. Eddy current magnetic will throw this material from the rest of the scrap from which it is being separated. Standard Features and Benefits : 1. NdFeB permanent magnet , powerful magnetic field 2. Import main parts:Nord Gear Motor,NSK Bearing,Seigling Belt,Schneider Electric 3. The best separation effect could be achieved by adjustable rotor position 4. Reduce belt long-term wear from ferrous build up

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