Edecon Hygienic Gel

hydroalcoholic gel ready to use


Edecon Hygienic Gel is hydroalcoholic gel ready to use specific in case of absence of water and indicated to safely sanitize the hands of operators, dentists and veterinarians, as well as for all healthcare professionals working in high-risk environments. Edecon Hygienic Gel guarantees an optimal, safe and long-lasting hygiene of the epidermis thanks to the presence in the formula of active ingredients with high activity. After the use of Edecon Hygienic Gel the hands remain soft and smooth thanks to the presence of emollient and moisturizing agents. COMPOSITION: Alcohol, water, carbomer, glycerine, triisopropanolamine, panthenol, perfume. DOSAGE: 1,5 ml is sufficient to moisten the hands evenly and keep them moist for at least one minute, rubbing the hand until it feels dry. PROFESSIONAL AND PRIVATE USE The gel has to be used only to disinfect the hands. MEDICAL SURGICAL DEVICE

Sterilisation and disinfection - medical equipment
  • hand disinfectant
  • hydroalcoholic gel
  • sanitisers

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