AC winding drives AC voltage regulator Edge trim winding device Edge trim winding device with built-on IEC- AC winder Technical data Edge trim winding device core diameter expanded 150 mm winding diameter max. 400 mm winding width max. 200 mm compressed air: 6 bar Options: stop brake, second shoulder ring Edge trim expanding reel with 6 aluminium bars which are expanded mechanically via a central spring. The release of the expanding reel is made pneumatically. The thrust ring made of aluminium has a diameter of 400 mm. The expanding reel will be directly put on the shaft of the winding motor or an existing pick-up shaft. The reel hub will be sealed via an O-Ring on the wind motor shaft as well as on the pick-up shaft. The supply of compressed air for the release is made centrally via the wind motor shaft or pick-up shaft, which has to be equipped each with a rotary stuffing box. The circuit for the compressed air has to be supplied by the customer. The edge trim reel is energized preferably by a DC or AC winding drive. The winding drive and the electric control for the preselection of the traction can be delivered together with the edge trim reel as one complete unit.

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