Effects and uses of N2O -

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As you may already know, there are multiple ways out there to use nitrous oxide. In this blog we will address the different Effects and Uses of N2O. When it comes to restaurants or catering industry, chefs and kitchen staff use nitrous oxide at a foodgrade E942 as an aerosol propellant to make foam, appetizers, sauces, and whipped cream with food or drinks. Read this post and find out how a cream siphon is used in the preparation of creams and desserts. In addition to its use in the food industry and recreational settings, nitrous oxide can work as an effective sedative agent that, combined with oxygen, reduces anxiety in patients. Because it is welltolerated, it is considered a safe sedative in dentistry and medicine in general. Cooking with highlevel nitrous oxide As mentioned before, nitrous oxide’s primary use is in the kitchen, preparing various dishes with different techniques, such as the molecular kitchen.