Einhell mini remote control HS 434/6, 434 MHz 6-channels Coding: 16.7 million possibilities, for garage door operators BGT 63, BM 60, TA 160, TA-G 63, TA-G 83, TA-G 103, GTA 160, GTA 163, side hinged gate operator AFA 2601,EFA 1200, FA-G 2601, FAG 1601 Dimensions: 38 x 50 x 15 mm, battery: 23 A, 12 V Programming the transmitters: Hold the learning key located in the operator down for 4 seconds until the red control LED goes on. Then release the button and press the chosen control button on the manual transmitter. The red LED now off. The control code has now been stored. Note: You can store a max. 3 manual transmitters in the operator. If a fourth transmitter is stored, the code set for the first transmitter is lost. The control code is not lost in case of power failure. With malfunction pull the mains plug and repeat operation. If you want to use more than 3 transmitters, an additional receiver must be installed in the receiver /operator, than you may order transmitter...

Doors and gates, automatic and access control

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