Elastomer seals - Seals made of soft materials

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Elastomers are macro-molecular, organic substances with little cross-linked structure. As a result, they do not melt, are insoluble, partly subject to swelling and are elastic. Elastomers are based on rubber which is processed into various kinds of synthetic rubber, depending on the monomer. The various kinds of synchetic rubberdiffer slightlys in their properties so that they are used for different applications with regard to temperature, hardness, elasticity etc. In addition to generally common mouldings such as Orings, our delivery range also includes customized mouldedarticles, profi le cords, punched or cut seals manufactured to specifi cations or to drawings, plates or rollers. Elastomer materials: - NBR - EPDM - CR - CSM - FPM - VQM - NR - EPDM