Credit Ocean CONFJ electric Jacquard Needle Looms Function: Optimally and flexibly used in the weaving of various kinds of elastic and non-elastic jacquard tapes and etc. Equipped with take- off roller made of rubber or metal on require. Feature: 1. Machine in various widths are designed 2. High speed/endurable/low depreciation/better performance/high yield 3. Automatic lubrication device and automatic tension feeding system provide effective control over high quality fabric, saving time and labor for the user 4. Convertible machine parts supported with various devices to provide wider range of fabrics

Product features

Place of Origin Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Type Others
Use Loom
Brand Name Credit Ocean
Model 8/27,8/42,6/45,6/50,4/65
Weaving head 8,6,4
Width of weaving head 27,42,45,50,65
Number of frame 12
Jacquard hooks 128/192/240/320/384/448/512
Motor 2HP
Pattern chain cycle 32

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