Electric air heater unit - TDS 120 R - Electric air heater unit - TDS 120 R

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ELECTRICAL SPACE HEATER TDS 120 RProfessional heating for large building areas: With the TDS 120 R and a full 30 kW heating force Owing to 30 kW of heating power, the most powerful model of the TDS-R series comes with convenient spare capacity for the permanent heating of larger rooms and is hence especially suited for temperature control in larger building sections. Accommodated in a comfortably transportable and stable carriage construction with ball-bearing wheels, the fully galvanized, coated steel sheet housing of the electrical space heater TDS 120 R houses high-quality corrosion-protected stainless steel heating elements, which immediately after switching on generate formidable heat flowing out in large volumes via the powerful air circulating follow-up fan. The desired temperature can be regulated as needed via the integrated infinitely variable thermostat and the heating capacity can be increased in two stages up to 30 kW for maximum selected warmth.

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