Electric air heater unit - TDS 19 E

Electric air heater unit - TDS 19 E
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ELECTRIC HEATER FAN TDS 19 EFiery red mobile heater as a convenient all-round solution The red electric heater fan does not only have a fiery look, but also presents the ideal heating solution for construction trailers, indoor market stalls or smaller workshops. For the TDS 19 E can be employed at basically all locations where the use of oil and gas heating devices is undesirable or even prohibited, such as in unheated rooms. Thanks to the integrated power cable, all it takes to operate the mobile heater is a socket. The warm air flow generated by the TDS 19 E can be infinitely adjusted to the exact desired temperature, and its heat output can be regulated as needed using the two-stage power control. Beyond that, fan operation without heating function is also possible.

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52525 Heinsberg - Germany