Electric snowmobile «Sniejik MW Basic»

Folding lightweight electric snowmobile for hobby and business «Sniejik MW Basic


Sniejik is a lightweight electric snowmobile. It allows you to travel effectively in winter on the snow and in summer on the sand, gravel or swamp. For this purpose, a wheel can be installed instead of a ski. Snow scooter has unique features and advantages over gasoline analogs. Main advantages: 1) It doesn’t weigh much. One person can lift and drag over an obstacle; 2) Folded in the trunk of a car. It is disassembled into separate modules and fits into your wagon or hatchback; 3) The electric motor runs silently. Can be used in a park near your home; 4) You don’t need rights to control or special certificates; 5) The cost is lower than its analogues; 6) No gasoline or oil, you can store it at home or on the balcony; 7) It is charged from the home electric mains (socket). You can also charge it in your car; 8) The battery is quickly removed and installed. You can take an extra battery with you and increase the distance.

  • Electric vehicles
  • snowmobiles
  • Off-road vehicles

Product characteristics

Weight from
45 kg
Maximum speed up to
20 km/h
Distance on the road on one battery charge
10-100 km
Mountain climbing angle up to
25 degrees
Battery replacement within
1 minute
Dimensions assembled
200 x 35 x 130 cm
Dimensions in
120 x 35 x 90 cm package
Speed adjustment in levels
1 to 5
Pedestrian mode. Allows you to drive a snow scooter next to you
5 km/h.
Cruise control works above
8 km/h
Frame and knots are made of
Composite track, with cross bars for strength
Track width
22 cm
Track length
104 cm



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143026 Moscow - Russia


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