Electric towing ATV vehicle

Electric towboat ATV vehicle


The electric tugboat serves as an excellent assistant in the farm and can also be used as a transport on complex surfaces: snow, sand, gravel, swamp. The electric tugboat differs from a snowmobile in that the crawler module is located at the front and pulls the trailer. The driver is at the back of the trailer and controls the device. The towing vehicle is not a snowmobile and cannot be registered. The key advantage of a towing vehicle is that it takes up little space. The crawler module can be placed in the trailer and all this can be put in the boot of the car. Also, thanks to the universal chassis, the towboat can be used not only in winter but also in summer. Unique characteristics and electric motor allow the towing vehicle to be used not only for everyday tasks, but also for walks in the woods, travel and entertainment with family. The electric towboat is also used for hobbies such as hunting or fishing.

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Product characteristics

Battery Capacity
30 Аh
60 V
Distance on the way
40 km
Engine power
2000 wt
25 кm/h
80 kg
Criuse control (8 km/h and above)
Pedestrian mode (5 km/h)
Water protection level
Engine Type


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143026 Moscow - Russia


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