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Electrical Steel: rotor and stator sheets as full service Due to the growing demand for electrical steel, we have bundled our technological resources and expanded the production of pure sheet metal blanks to complete packages in stator and rotor sheets. We are therefore able to provide you, our customers the service of complete sheet metal stacks baked, laser-welded or punched packaged in the electrical steel sector. Due to our extremely thin cutting gap of just 0.07mm - as much as the diameter of a human hair - we are able to produce the smallest contours. The extreme power density at a max. laser power of 1,000 watts enable electrical sheets based on baked varnish technology with the lowest possible edge zone melting - burr-free. Everything 100% "Made in Germany" in packaged quality - usually tolerance class T7. Usual delivery times are approx. one week for cutted sheets, 2-3 weeks for baking or welding parts. Let’s get in contact for your new e-drive, rotor or stator!

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