Electric duct heater Electrical duct heater type “LEH-K” are intended for the heating of gaseous media. The main applications are the heating of air in ventilation - / air conditioning or heat-recovery installations. Wide use areas are applications of the process - / environment-technology i.e. at the catalytic afterburning of exhaust fumes or drying ovens or in the plastic - / textile or paper industry. Through a variable construction concept, diverse use possibilities emerge. The application of highly compacted electrical heating elements with high purity compacted magnesium oxide powder sheathed metal tube and the direct heat transfer at the medium to be heated leads to an efficient realization of the electric energy to thermal energy. Special materials of acid constant rustproof steel stand for the heating of aggressive media by disposal. Alternatively, the heaters can be delivered also in the materials INCOLOY, INCONEL, HASTELLOY and MONEL. The duct heaters essentially consist of the following main-components: Duct with flat flanges Rod heating elements Temperature Sensors (Thermostat / Thermocouple / RTD) Electrical terminal box

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