Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Turbomill Electro-Permanent Chuck  - LIFT HOLD & SEPARATE LTD


TURBOMILL electro permanent magnetic chucks are the worlds most powerful milling chuck, achieving 17kg/cm2 clamping force. Ideal for all types of heavy milling applications Available in models: Turbomill 18, Turbomill 25B, Turbomill 40 and Turbomill 50-SQ Features: Save in energy consumption • Less wear on your cutting tools • Cut 5 different faces with the same magnetic set-up • No handling needed • Facility of clamping and unclamping • Super powerful uniform magnetism • High security – no voltage fluctuations • Stability of the system Quality • Higher quality of surface finish • Higher cutting speeds Precision • No vibration leads to smoother cutting • No temperature rise Optional pole extensions for working off chuck surface Options of through hole clamping to machine table Push/Pull plug connections Variable holding power Interlock into machine tool control Achieve,five sided machining, surface milling, milling, drilling, boring and pocket milling.

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