Dear partners! TPE ‘Bonustrade ’ LLC offers to delivery to your enterprise synthetic corundum refractory powder. Electrocorundum - synthetic corundum of arc melting, artificial abrasive material. Structure: aluminum oxide, oxides of silicon, titan, calcium and iron. Production technology: melting of glinozemsoderzhashchy raw materials in arc furnaces with the subsequent crystallization of fusion. Depending on the content of alumina and features of manufacturing techniques distinguish several versions: normal, white, alloyed (chromic, titanous, zirconium). Electrocorundum grains, powders and micropowders are widely used by production of abrasive materials. Electrocorundum normal - the abrasive material of high durability received by melting of bauxites in electric arc furnaces. Contains near ~ 85% of Al2O3, ~ 3% of TiO2 and ~ 2% of other substances. Normal the high hardness, durability and viscosity is peculiar to grains of electrocorundum.

Abrasives, chemical
  • corundum

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