The Active Clutch Line includes DC slip-ring-free single-disc clutches, in which the action of force of an electromagnetic field (electromagnetically closing) is used to transmit the torque. The clutches of the Active Clutch Line are characterized by a secure, residual moment-free lifting in any position and by a backlash-free transfer of the torque. Throughout their complete service life, they require little or no maintenance. Depending on the clutch version, higher switching capacities can be achieved.

  • electromagnetic clutch
  • single-surface clutch
  • electromagnetic single-surface clutch

Product features

Rated Torques 0.2 - 150 Nm (86 011..E00, 86 021..E00); 0.2 - 2.2 Nm (86 051..E00); 5 - 150 Nm (86 053..E00)
Standard rated voltages 24 V DC
Protection IP 00
Thermal class F

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