Electromagnetic starting device



Fire extinguishing agent: gas (Freon 125, Freon 227, FK-5-1-12) FS series starters - nominal diameter 32 mm and 50 mm. The devices are designed for use in gas fire extinguishing systems. They are installed on the shut-off valve and provide the release of the gas fire extinguishing agent from the gas extinguishing module. One device provides extinguishing gas in one direction. To supply extinguishing gas in two or more directions, the required number of devices is installed on the manifold of an automatic gas fire extinguishing installation. The way of starting devices is electric (using an electromagnet).

Fire protection equipment
  • Gas fire suppression system
  • Electromagnetic starting device

Product features

Start method electric
Initiating element solenoid
Start pulse parameters: voltage, V from 18 to 28
Start pulse parameters: current no more than A 0,5
Start pulse parameters: current no more than A 1
The current in the control circuit when checking the continuity of the circuit is not more than A 0,02
Solenoid circuit resistance, Ohm 70
Power consumption no more than W 4,5
Nominal pushing force on the rod, N 130
Nominal effort on a manual override, N, no more 150
Connecting thread М42х1,5
Resource of operations 500

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