Electron beam cross-linked solar cables

Electron beam cross-linked solar cables with improved performance in water


ÖLFLEX® SOLAR XLWP, electron beam cross-linked solar cable with optimized performance in water Benefits: The alternative for long-term storage in water, e.g. as may be the case after flooding or in buried conduits, reduction of flame propagation and of toxic gases in the event of fire, robust against mechanical impacts, extruded colour stripe serves as reverse polarity protection during installation, exact quantity control during installation by meter marking on the cable sheath Application range: For underground installation in protective pipes, in which water, heat and moisture can accumulate, for floating PV / canal top installations where cables are in contact with water or exposed to high humidity, gable and flat roof photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic and solar parks, suitable for direct burial

Solar energy - installations
  • solar cable
  • photovoltaic

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