This instrument can locate edges of work pieces and also height offsets. It works in a non-rotating spindle, which is a great advantage over its mechanical counterparts. It is battery operated and works by lighting up its internal LED (usually red) when the electrical circuit formed by the instrument, the workpiece and the machine is closed. The light is thus illuminated when the edge finder is touching the workpiece and is visible through openings in the case. • This edge finder is very useful for centering the spindle above the workpiece for outside and inside centering as well as for countering on bores. • It is also useful for measuring heights / depths. • This can be used while the spindle is rotating or stationary. • The sensor is highly sensitive and the red light is visible all round. • The ball of the edge finder is supended elastically and is pushed to the side when the reference edge is reached. • Shank accuracy H7 and concentricity + 0.005 mm.

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