The Cyclomix™ Expert is an innovative, industrial solution that is configured to meet the needs of the customer. Description Capable of metering 1 component as well as mixing 2 and 3 component materials Flexible modular design - up to 24 programmable components PH version available for acid-catalyzed coatings Handles up to 50 recipes Constant flow technology ► For configurations and part numbers, please refer to the Documents tab. Performance Production flush 5-step programmable sequence Weekend flush 6-step p rogrammable sequence Continuous ratio and pot life monitoring Multiple flow meter options available to meet your requirements Productivity Consistent finish quality Reduced labor - on demand mixing In-line static mixer reduces flushing solvent and faster color changes Reduced fluid waste Less rework Reduced hazardous waste Sustainability All stainless-steel construction compatible with most materials PH (acid catalyst) version available Filter/regulators assemblies are...

Product features

Electrical Power 115 / 230 V - W
Ratio 0.6:1 20:1 X/1
Maximum Fluid Pressure 200 (2900) bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Output 2-200 (29-2900) cc/min (oz/min)
Number of Products 24 base-catalyst-solvent
Fluid Viscosity (min-max) 30 - 5000 in CA4 seconds (or centipoise cps)
Number of Products 24 Max
Number of A Components 1 - 22 Min/Max
Number of B Components 1 - 22 Min/Max
Number of C Components 1 Min/Max
Number of A Component Solvents 1 - 22 Min/Max
Number of B Component Solvents 1 - 22 Min/Max

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