BIAX Universal Scraper, medium-weight model. Particularly suitable for:* plastic scraping * standard scraping * fine scraping * precision scraping and oil-tight scraping. Also suitable for dovetail guide rails and prisms in conjunction with special blades. AC Voltage: 230 Volt Electronically variable strokes up to: 0-1,800 per minute Infinitely variable stroke length: 0-20 mm Power consumption: 320 watts Noise level: 82 dB(A) Weight: 3,7 kg Dimensions (L x W x H): 440 x 80 x 107 mm Included Accessories 1 x special oil 30 ml (001365635) 1 x scraping blade 20x90 R60 (001400405) 1 x hexagonal wrench key SW6 (001363502) 1 x hexagonal wrench key SW4 (001363503)

Hand tools, non-power

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