Elegant Non-Woven Bags

Coated, Uncoated, Promotional


Elegant Non-Woven Bags. With a Minimum Order Size of 1,000 Pieces. Example: Coated PP Non-Woven bags – Schmersal, the big bag Order: 3,000 pieces Format: 60cm wide, 45cm high, 20cm deep in the sides and base, folded rim 3cm Material: 90 g/m² sturdy non-woven fleece mat material, white (non-woven + lamination) = 120 g/m², short sides and straps same coated non-woven, handles printed in pantone 294C. 2 front sides plus base plus short sides all same material. Short Sides: Yes, 20cm, fold on short sides, seam in middle of each short side. Printing: Photo gravure printing 1/0 all around short sides and on both large front sides, base blue pantone 294C, shoulder straps (monochrome one colour pantone 294C) Additions: Glossy lamination Stitching: Behind corners all around base on interior, one horizontal seam on middle fold on short sides. Handles: Handles printed in pantone 294C, 2x laminated non-woven like bag body, length 80cm, handles / straps suitable for shoulder carry, width 3cm...

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