The GekaKonus thermal oil heater type Elektrothermomat is a forced circulation heater for oil based or synthetic heat transfer fluids. GekaKonus Elektrothermomat is used where there is a sufficient supply of electrical energy or in rooms where it is not possible to extract exhaust gas from gas or oil burners, in rooms where an open firing is prohibited or fuels as oil or gas are not available. The design of the devices assumes that the circulation is interrupted in the event of a power failure and reheating of the heat transfer medium remains in the permissible range of maximum heat transfer medium temperature. In order to achieve this, heating rods with low heating surface load are selected. The heating surface load is chosen in this way that the maximum allowed film temperature of the heat transfer medium will be not exceeded. Application/Advantages Application In all industrial heating processes e.g. Industry for rubber, plastic and flooring Metal industry and surface...

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