1. Appearance and description : Hafnium powder is a gray metal powder, in the air is easy to fire combustion. 2. Product properties : It ensures good anti-corrosive property, it is not susceptible to the erosion of acid and alkali solution, soluble in hydrofluoric acid to form a fluoride complexes. At high temperature , hafnium can be directly combined with oxygen, nitrogen and other gases to form the oxide and nitride ;Hafnium is stable in the air, powdered hafnium is easy to burn; the capture cross section of hafnium thermal neutron is large, hafnium with prominent nuclear power, it is indispensable rare materials to develop the atomic energy industry. 3. Application : Physical condition: hafnium and zirconium look the same, nature is similar, the major difference is that the nuclear properties is quite different, for example, the thermal neutron capture cross section of zirconium is smaller hundreds of times than hafnium. Be used in atomic energy industry and aerospace...

Product features

Molecular weight 178.49
Colour gray
zirconium content <1.0% or <0.5%
Density 13.31 g/cm3
Melting point 2227℃
Boiling point 4602℃


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