Elements for mining machinery and mineral sizers

Spur gears, pinions, helical gears, shafts, gear box elements
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ZWP is one of the leading independent manufacturer in Germany for gears, pinions and ring gears. We supply already well-known manufacturers for gear boxes, drive technology and are looking forward to new customers. Sectors of our (international) customers are: Mining, Oil, Offshore, rail and ship transmissions, industrial transmissions, and many more fields of applications. Overview about the capabilities for production: Gears internal and external toothed hardened and grinded Module 2 – 50 mm Diameter 100 – 2,000 mm Internal toothed rings / ring gears hardened and grinded Module up to 20 mm - more on request Diameter 100 to 1,800mm Pinions and shafts internal and external toothed hardened and grinded Module 1 – 50 mm Diameter 50 – 500 mm Length up to 1,500 mm Hardening and balancing inhouse possible Cooperation with companies for special manufacturing of gears and pinions etc We speak English. ZWP is looking forward hearing from you.

  • Extraction machinery and equipment - minerals and ores
  • gears
  • machinery and equipment for the mining industry
  • Mining and quarrying - machinery and equipment


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