lite Raldus Wrap is a wrapping film for professional farms. Multilayered blown film structure ensures best quality of the silage allowing it to be stored up to two years. Elite Raldus Wrap can be used all over the wourld due to its high UV protection. Elite Raldus Wrap is compatible with all bale wrapping machines, also it can be used to form sugar beet pulp and corn. Elite Raldus Wrap is a 5-layer film, produced by the blow-out method Specifications and methods used in our silage film include: – double glue system, – stretch up to 80%, – great resistance to mechanical damage, – high quality of raw materials, – three colors: white, green and bland, – available in all sizes: 1000/750/500/370/250 mm of width. The silage stretch film is available all around the wourld through our export department at Aero Raldus headquarters in Płock, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

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