Ellipse Eggshell Inlay Colorful Bamboo Bowl



Choose this bright and colorful bamboo bowl to highlight your joyful personality. These items of ellipse shape which reminds a boat will nicely decorate your table as well as any other area of your house. The decorative bowl is made of bamboo which is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials. With natural materials and handmade origin this bowl is a great choice for those who follow the sustainable lifestyle. How to take care of this colorful bamboo bowl: – Wash it with warm soapy water after the use, do not soak it in water. – Do not clean it in the dishwasher or use it in a microwave oven. – Do not keep any liquids in the bowl for too long. – Keep the bowl in dry ventilated place. – If the bowl becomes too dry you can moister it with food-safe mineral oil.

  • Bamboo Bowl
  • Bowl
  • tray

Product features

Material Spun Bamboo
Size S 19x14x6 cm
Size M 24x18x7 cm
Size L 29×22.5×10 cm
Color Green-Yellow
Usage Bowl, Tray, Tableware
Packing Carton/Pallet/big bag or customize

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