Embossing tool



With the chip-removing microstructuring of metal surfaces, LT Ultra offers the right manufacturing technology for the production of embossing tools with optical surface qualities that allow economical replication in large numbers. Examples of microstructuring are the production of microfluidics or microlenses on our ultra-precise multi-axis machines. We can manufacture the structures directly in various materials such as brass, chemically deposited nickel or in selected hardened steels.For the replicating production of optical components, ultra-precise mold inserts made of steel are of particular interest due to their very long service life compared to other materials. In order to avoid the final polishing, which often leads to an undesirable change in shape or which is impossible due to a high structure density, LT Ultra offers ultrasound-assisted machining of steels with geometrically defined cutting edges made of monocrystalline diamond.

Embossing machine tools
  • optics

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