Abfad Limited provide emergency rescue and safety cover for people working at height or within confined spaces, we provide these services to many different industries, including power generation, oil and gas and other onshore and offshore sectors. These services include: Confined Space Emergency Safety Cover for Power Station Boiler, Stacks, Turbines, etc. Tunnel Emergency Safety Cover supplying full BA services for clients personnel. Tanks, Vats, Silos, Vessels, Marine environments Safety Cover. Emergency Safety Cover for other trade personnel working at height and or any confined space working as above. Abfad’s rescue teams, are fully trained and equipped, so that should an emergency arise, they can perform the necessary assessment of the situation and conduct any rescue needed in a safe and controlled way. This ensures casualties are recovered in the fastest time possible and then administered with first aid.

Maintenance work - contractors
  • rope rescue teams
  • emergency rescue
  • safety cover services